【Weekly Promotion】Mutual Project for Pets Goes Online

Date:2018-05-03 05:23:11

Great news to made all pet owner happier, our first third party pet owner mutual project had been launched. Any owner can participate in the project at an extremely affordable price (free through participate in our listing promotion below ), 5 GETX contribution for every accident. Once there is an accident happening, participants are able to receive a maximum of 10,000 GETX.


So how to enjoy the benefits without self contribution? Free , Free, Free!!!


1. Participate into the project through like our Facebook post, for every like you contribute, we are given 1 GETX . If the like for one post, excess 1000, we will double the reward. PM our customer service to get your reward. Only valid for post since April


2. finding an error on the website to receive 100 GETX


3. even more surprise suggest us great ideas on pet protection for our next comprehensive policies. You can either made a post on our Facebook page or sending us through email. If your suggestion had never been discuss before and become one of benefits in our next pet product. we will give at least 500 GETX as reward.


Now join us and enjoy the next generation of protection.


Way to collect your reward:

So the procedure is , went to our Facebook page and show your like. PM our customer service in Telegram group: your name, wallet address and amount of like you given. Then we will confirm it and sent to you weekly. This promotion would be ended on 12 AM 10th May.