First reward for help us perfect our mutual aid program has been delivered

Date:2018-04-28 05:05:27

As the old saying goes, our enemy knows more about us than ourselves. Fortunately, we have  converted “enemies” into our friends.

Since insChain million mutual aid program has been launched, we have got many positive reflections. In order to further optimize the experience of our members, insChain decide to give reward to those who help us perfect our program.

You can tell us any bug or anything makes you feel uncomfortable with when participating in insChain mutual aid program. We will be open to your valuable advice, and we would sent 100GETX to you once we adopt your suggestions.

After we launched it, many members has joined in the activity. We are surprised and pleased to find that the mutual aid project, almost perfect in our eyes, was found to still have some defects。

We have received feedback from our members. For instance, the font is fuzzy, the button is not highlighted enough, or this word seems misspelled, etc. Our programmers worked overtime to optimize it and managed to solve the relevant problems. Here are some representative questions, and we sincerely apologize if they have bothered you.

No.1 One user have found that it is confusing that who would get the benefit after all. We may not make it very clear. After his reminding, we have added a clearly illustration about legal heir. We have given this user 100 GETX for his valuable reminding.

No.2 some members contact us and report that users can’t see the input box when inputting email address on particular type of phone. After communicating with our technical staff, we found that particular models had some adaption problems. We felt sorry for the inconvenience to the registration and we also appreciated his suggestions. Of course, our IT guys fixed this problem in a very short time.

We are happy and motivated to have so many people concerning about our products. Thanks for the members who have always been concerning and supporting us. We will send more GETX to you for your participation.

Please contact us in Telegram group if you have anything to say.

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