InsChain mutual aid project: Deeply understand the wisdom of Amoeba Operation

Date:2018-04-27 02:03:41

Chinese people believe that the greatest truth are simple. And great wisdom is a necessity when we want to see the essence by the phenomenon.

Amoeba operation is a way of business operation, which aims at simplifying what is complicated. Inamori Kazuo divided an enterprise into small groups  of  independent collective, called Amoeba(a kind of monad). Each Amoeba plans on its own, calculates independently, grow autonomously, and continuously splits into new Amoeba.

Isn’t this way of cell division very familiar and inspired by accountancy? It’s easy to remind people of continuously extended blocks in the blockchain. Each block in the blockchain records trade information while each member in Amoeba operation helps each other. So it is appropriate to describe it as ‘blockchain plus mutual aid’.

By Amoeba operation model, Inamori Kazuo created Kyocera and KDDI. The two companies are both among the top 500 in the world and have never lost money for half a century. Both companies survived every financial crisis in the past.

The model of Amoeba operation fits insChain mutual aid project very well. In the following, this article would make a deep analysis on the conditions of success of Amoeba.

The first condition for success is the trust relationship within the enterprise.

Both operators and employees must base the operations on mutual trust, and it is also the basic condition to achieve the Amoeba operation. Once lacked, some important business information cannot be released to employees. In a state of concern that corporate information would be compromised, not all the members can participate in the operation. It is based on this situation that Amoeba operation of Kyocera didn’t link performance to employees’ money monetary.

Turst is also the essence of insChain mutual aid project. Mutual aid itself is a kind of non-profit activity. It does not generate dividends or profits. Members' spontaneous participation is due to the recognition of the community concept and the deepening ambiguity between members.

The second condition for success is the rigor of the data.

The key to ensuring data rigor is the serious attitude of the business operators. Only if the managers operate with conviction and earnestness can they realize Amoeba operation. Each member should have a rigorous and provocative attitude towards numbers.

The rigorousness of the data is equally important for insChain mutual aid project. To ensure that information of each member can be recorded on the chain, we need every member’s cooperation. And once the information was recorded, it would be synchronized in real time, and it is difficult to be changed maliciously.

The third condition for success is to provide digital feedback to the site in time.

Amoeba operation is a system that allows site staff to make judgments and take measures according to numbers. Therefore, the digital feedback must be given to the site in time. It will severely punish the enthusiasm of the site if we give the feedback to the site and then find out who to blame after everything is irreparable. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a system that can provide timely feedback to the site.

InsChain mutual aid project automatically compensates through smart contracts, removes the complicated procedures of approval, and effectively and conveniently provides the customers with help.

The fourth condition is to constantly check whether Amoeba's compilation conforms to the working characteristics.

Modern business operations pay more and more attention to flexibility and speed, so if it is found that there is a better way to play the potential of Amoeba than it is now, there should be no hesitation in dividing or merging. In order to ensure the normal operation of Amoeba, the state of it must be tested repeatedly and the weaving of Amoeba should be changed flexibly.

InsChain mutual aid is more than just an insChain million mutual aid program. As more and more members join in insChain, we will continue to segment our users' needs and ensure that each member can find the most suitable support group.