InsChain mutual program and its spirit

Date:2018-04-26 06:16:30

What is mutual assistance?

Mutual assistance has been defined as the origin of insurance. It is a mechanism of public sharing. In a summary, people who have the same demands of insurance gather together in case of unpredictable damage happened. With the development of the society, people who share the risk increased and require more resources to manage them. People don’t have a good solution for such situation before the emerge of blockchain, AI and big data. However, we could save lots of resources and research demands to insurance of people precisely by those technology. Technology enable us to build a safe blockchain community.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain could be considered as a community which has a communicational mode of network. There is a bulletin board in this community and members of this community would publish theirs demands on it. The rest of members would consider that if they could meet their demands directly or indirectly. Blockchain is transparency and untamable because everybody could see information on the bulletin board. And the problem of intermediate credit is solved since everybody could meet others’ need. That’s why blockchain is safe and efficiently.

Combining blockchain and mutual assistance, we could build a safe efficiently community which fulfill with trust. InsChain has already developed mutual aid program for the world with edge technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence. Users choices prove the value of our product ---- more than 50,000 people has joined in our program within 3 days. Goal of insChain is building a mutual community which implement the spirit of ‘gather together and help each other.’ We hope this idea would be generalized. We would pay more attention to community construction, enable every users to design products. By doing this we hope we can meet every users’ demands, even customize products for users.


User experience is most important thing to insChain. Team insChain has done deep research on existing mutual modes all over the world, and base on that we create some brand new functions such as voting, demands initiating , quick sharing, reward and so on. Besides, more exciting things is there are lots of insurance that you can only find in insChain mutual community. Think about your pets, your favorite brands, your desired health service, or various troubles in your trip, you can find all the solutions your need in the future insChain mutual community.


InsChain mutual community hope make your life easy, simple and trouble-free with edge technology.


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