100,000 exemption eligibilities! InsChain mutual aid program has been launched

Dateļ¼š2018-04-17 05:48:49

The much-anticipated insChain mutual platform, a decentralized mutual ecosystem based on blockchain technology has already been launched. The first product which use blockchain technology is “insChain Million mutual aid program.” Every qualifying members could join the mutual aid covenant by storing a small amount of GETX, if any unfortunate accidents happened, then this member could get mutual aid GETX via smart contract. Besides enjoying the rights of mutual aid program, Members would provide donation for other members when the accident occurred.

During this campaign, we would give away 100,000 exemption eligibilities. Every members could get 11 free credit points after fill in the identification information completely. And 5 more credit points for each users who register and join in the program via the exclusive invitation code. Credit points can only be used in the insChain mutual platform.

In addition, insChain members could join in the mutual aid program by transferring pre-owning GETX to the smart contract. It is a brand new experience of blockchain mutual community.

The numbers of exemption eligibilities are limited. Campaign would be ended once the numbers are run out.

You could click the “Mutual” button on our official website insChain.io or scan following QR code to join the campaign.