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Actuarial Intern

Job Description:

1. Skilled in UAT for system development;

2. Analyze project cash flow data and provide financial advice to related parties;

3. Negotiate well with insurers and relevant financial institutions to promote product development and management;

4. Build actuarial model and pass the stress test under the guidance of a senior actuary.

* Job Requirements

1. Majored in actuarial, mathematics, computer science, economics, finance or other related fields;

2. Skilled in programming;

3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Excel;

4. Fluency in Chinese and English, both speaking and writing;

5. Good analytical and communication skills.


Front-End Software Development Engineer

Job description

1. Work closely with designers and product managers to produce high-quality front-end products;

2. Participate in the platforms development of various platforms of Web, Mobile and WeChat and take charge of the realization of front-end interaction;

3. Fully understand the project and design needs, and solve unknown issues with senior engineers;

4. Participate in developing new technologies and quickly translate into potential projects.

* Job Requirements

1. 1+ year related work experience; (fresh graduate can also be considered)

2. Familiar with the typical Server / Client / Browser architecture, people with mobile Internet experiences preferred;

3, With AJAX, HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience;

Proficient in a server programming language such as Java, C + +, C #, PHP, etc.

5. Familiar with Linux system development environment;

6. Familiar with MySQL database or other database usage knowledge;

7. JavaScript framework technology (Angular, React, jQuery, etc.) experience is preferred;

8. Wechat public platform development experience is preferred;

9. Wechat open platform development experience is preferred;

10. Wechat SDK docking experience is preferred.


PHP Development Engineer

Job description

1.Be responsible for designing and developing WEB related products.

2.Be responsible for the system's technical architecture and program designing.

3. Program coding, testing, maintenance

4. Participate in needs assessment, development planning, and technical documents drafting;

5. Design and develop R&D functional modules independently,  provide a standard interface;

6. modify the project features according to the requirements

* Job Requirements

1. Majored in Computer, Communication Engineering or Electronic Engineering related majors; bachelor degree or above; 1-3 years’ work experience

2. Be familiar with PHP syntax, proficient MYSQL, be able to carry out database design and script development;

3. Be familiar with PHP mainstream framework, such as: ThinkPHP, Codelgniter, Yii, Laravel and so on

4. People with web development experience, the basic front-end technology and page layout (jQuery, JS, ajax, html and CSS, etc.)

5. People with good programming habits and simple and clear code style, love technology, a spirit of geeks; logic clear, quick thinking, good communication skills;

6. Have innovative ideas, dare to challenge new things, understand the user experience.

7. People with Golang skills are preferred.


UI designer

job descriptions:

1, Responsible for the designing the software interface, creative work and production work;

2, Proposed innovative and creative design according to the user base of a variety of related software;

3, Optimize the page to make user operations more humane;

4, Maintain the existing application products;

5, Collect and analyze the user's needs for the GUI.

UI designer job requirements:

1, Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch and other design software;

2, familiar with the commonly used office software, and apply to the other software;

3, With his/her own understanding of the commonly used applications and Internet applications, in the aspect of human-computer interaction.

4, With good aesthetic ability, deep art skills, a strong UI design and interactive design capabilities;

5, With keen user experience observation, be innovative


Hong Kong Project Manager

Job Descriptions:

1, Responsible for the overseas projects and the R&D of serviceable mobile products, including operation of brands, channels, users, content, activities and growth;

2, Analysis and identification of user characteristics groups, according to the overall goal of the product forced to set the direction and characteristics of operational activities, maintain and enhance user awareness, and constantly improve traffic and user stickiness;

3, Control the marketing activities of users spread and conversion path to enhance the relevance and efficiency of the event;

4. Based on the overseas market hot spots and characteristics of overseas net resources, plan the Internet activities and marketing activities with industry influence, reach the marketing targets and increase the market share;

5, Responsible for cross-sectoral collaboration and communication;

6, Regularly carry out team training and development, enhance the overall operation level;

7, Complete the other tasks assigned by the boss.

Job Requirements:

1, Bachelor degree or above, 5 years of working experience in internet industry operations, more than 3 years of experience in APP operation, and successful operation experience in overseas mobile and blockchain industry mobile products are preferred.

3, People with well-known Internet company marketing planning and implementation experience, the success of the project experience is preferred;

4, Familiar with Internet industry, corresponding communication channels and various conversion data;

5, Operating team management experience, with strong team spirit and communication and collaboration capabilities.

6, have good negotiation skills, be able to analyze and solve problems independently, can withstand greater pressure on work.


Blockchain R&D Engineers

Job Description:

1, Participate in the design and development of internet-based insurance products based on blockchain

2, Develop the online financial platform based on the Blockchain and the basic framework of smart contracts

3, Coding the related technical solutions to solve the technical problems in development


1, Be interested in Blockchain technology, think blockchain can have very good prospects

2, Math or computer science related majors, bachelor degree or above, 3 years of working experience in development;

3, Familiar with Go / C++ language, at least grasp a scripting language

4, Familiar with Linux operating system, familiar with Docker container technology principle, deployment and use optimization

5, Familiar with data structures and algorithms, research on cryptography and security protocols

6, Familiar with bitcoin / Ethereum / Hyperledger priority