insChain (GETX) would be listed on CoinX


insChain (GETX) would be listed on CoinX


GETX would be listed on CoinX on 17th, August, opening GETX/ETH pairing.


Open deposit & withdrawals: 15:00, 17th, August, 2018


Open trading: 15:00, 17th, August, 2018


insChain is the world’s first customizable and scalable insurance ecosystem based on blockchain. Its mission is to transform the traditional business process of the insurance sector, and to build a safer and cheaper insurance ecosystem for stakeholders including customers, agents, brokers, and actuaries through innovative technology. Until now, insChain has released many products, such as account security program for exchange users, medical mutual program, pet mutual program and so on. We will cooperate with more exchanges to publish account security program in the future


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