Except for the pension, What you should do to improve your retirement life?


What do you see yourself in 30 years later?

“Living with a few good friends, inviting them for tea party or take a walk in a well-maintained garden from time to time...” these scenarios are appealed to most of us, aren’t they? However, not everyone can afford this, studying shows that there are more than billions dollar gap of pension in the States by 2017, many people couldn’t afford their life after retirement.. this leaves us a question: How could we balance the people’s need and the reality.

Fan Wang, a 60 years old retiree, spent 8 years creating a ‘mutual rest home’ for liked-mind elders to live for free.

“Everyone here should have more pursuits in life. I don’t think the twilight year means dull and boring.” Mr. Wang said. “The elders here can pick up again the dream when they were young, like learning a language, writing a book or even learning to play an instrument is possible! We simply encourage everything.”

With the speedy increase of aged population, the “golden retirement life” seems to become out of reach, the lives of most retirees today are far from being considered as desirable.

A survey report on the living condition of urban & rural retirees conducted by several researchers pointed out that the main problem is that “the overall level of average income is still not high, and the whole society is not fully prepared for the coming wave of retirement.'

Compared to the infamous nursing house, majority of inquired people said they prefer to live with or at least close to their family. However, due to many reasons such as their children are going to work at the daytime, they often don’t get the “better user experience” than retirement house. Therefore, a kind of spontaneous 'mutual support for the elderly' has gain popular among these people.

In addition to this kind of mutual assistant organized by the family, a community-led model is also start to get some fanbase. By recruiting healthy and passionate retirees as volunteers, 'point-to-point' claims and takes care of the eligible members, so that more elderly people can have a better-off old age.

“Aging society” is a protracted war that every countries are facing nowadays, and this issue cannot be solved overnight. Therefore, through mutual assistance to solve the problem after retirement, it may be an approach that conforms to the times.

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