Protection for games? insChain new thoughts!


InsChain was invited to participate First Blockchain Game & Technology Application Communication Summit on 15th June, afternoon.

Summit was held at Jin Ling Restaurant, Nanjing by Wearrus Inc. and Lian Bi Home. It is aimed to bring the newest global idea of blockchain game to Chinese market and enable Chinese blockchain game technology to develop sustainedly.

Nowadays, blockchain technology has entered every industry and with years of exploration, game industry was considered as very potential. This summit invited estimable experts in blockchain industry and significant government officials of relevant department to point a way of development of blockchain games.

As a insurtech company which based on blockchain technology, insChain is keeping exploring each possibilities of mutual assistance insurance. InsChain actuary Eric gave a speech about game insurance on summit.

Speaking of game, it is very easy for us to think of “League of Legends”, “Fortnite” or “Hearth of the Stone”. For players, they are willing to spend so much time, energy and money on these games, and their accounts usually worth a fortune.

Now there are many nurturance game based on blockchain are becoming more popular. The most representative one is Crypto Kitties. With blockchain technology, each kitty is unique and irreproducible. Users could even sell their rare kitties in a very high price.

There is another type of blockchain game such as “EOS super miner”. It’s just like the famous Flash game “Golden Miner” and people could mine real EOS in this game. Play games and earn profits, that’s very attractive.

Although these games are virtual, they are still worthwhile. Game insurance is actually virtual property insurance. According to newspaper, there are many cases that couples divide up their items in games or crypto currency while a divorce these years.

If you are familiar with our project, you would know that our products  not only cover traditional field, but also places like pets, child rearing, arts and so on.

Now our actuary Eric is starting to design mutual products about nijigen (anime, comics and games). and in this process, he thought of a mobile games with a specific style of nijigen ---- Onmyoji, which is very popular in Asia. That’s the birth of insChain game insurance in the first place.

There is an achievement in Onmyoji, which is more like a protection mechanism. If you have not got any super rare reward (SSR shikigami in the game) after opened hundreds of chests, you would get a great compensation. It’s truly great relief that have some comfort when you had bad luck.

But it’s just a individual case. In most of games, there is no such protection mechanism. However, if there are many needs for protection for such unpredictable risk , players could form a mutual assistance group by themselves. When the risk happen to one player, others could help him or her then the risk would be spread.

Have you been interested? There are more interesting things that you can find in insChain mutual platform.

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