Comsmos Validator


InsChain has broad experiences in blockchain development, encryption and network security, as well as reliable and high availability deployment. We are a leading blockchain-based mutual insurance provider and has a deep knowledge of Tendermint Core, Cosmos SDK, Cosmos Voyager, and integration/extension. 

InsChain runs validator nodes for the Cosmos Network, which validate transactions and maintain network consensus to maintain integrity of the Cosmos system. Currently InsChain is operating a validator node for testnet of the Cosmos Network, and will run a validator node for Cosmos Hub, which is the mainnet of the Cosmos Network and will go live in Q4 2018. InsChain runs sentry nodes in front of validator nodes to protect them from attacks such as DDoS attacks or attempts to compromise security. Validator node and sentry nodes are co-located in the same secure datacenter, and connects exclusively through sentry nodes to the rest of the Cosmos Network. 

Cosmos Hub allows effective token transfers across many different blockchains. InsChain validator validates and relays transactions, proposes, verifies and finalizes blocks. InsChain stakes our own atom tokens, which act as a staking mechanism to secure the Hub as deposits in the staking process. InsChain welcomes other atom holders to delegate atoms to us, who will in turn becomes eligible for block rewards paid in atoms and photons, as well as transaction fees paid in any of the whitelisted tokens. The more atoms staked, the more frequently Inschain validator may propose a new block and the more weight it will have in votes to commit a block.

For more information, please send your inquiry to or contact us through social media channels listed on our home page.

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