Baidu baike introduces blockchain technology to improve the the transparency and fairness of editing.


Baidu, as one of the biggest tech giants in the world, introduces the blockchain into its encyclopedia service - Baidu baike for the first time, enabling the information to be tamper-resistance and permanently storing the previously edited version.

“It is more than dope! From now on, nobody can point the finger at us for promoting fake and exaggerated information!” Xiao Wei, the director of Baidu blockchain department, wrote on his social media page.

As we all know, Baike is open for everyone to edit, so it is pretty hard to hold people accountable once problems arise.

Now the platform uses the time-stamp and hash algorithm to track every edit on baike, so that the date, the editor, and modified information can be identified, reducing the rate of malicious editing.

“We want to establish some partnerships with all sectors of society through blockchain technology, ensure the content quality, build our credibility through blockchain decentralized network, to guarantee the authority of Baike.”Xiao Wei said.

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, Baidu not only ensures the preciseness of its platform information acquisition but also demonstrates for the other platforms.

Taking Didi taxi service as an example, it has been criticized for a long time because of it unable to guarantee the precise and transparent information of their hired drivers, and thus caused many accidents.  With blockchain technology, they may eliminate potential safety hazards due to the information opacity, thereby providing better service to the customer.

Moreover, the blockchain can also improve the efficiency in existing healthcare systems by merely encrypted and stored the individual prescription on the blockchain, which will not only be convenient for doctors to understand the patient’s medical condition, but also enable them to track the treatment effect. And when customers purchase insurances, their records can be directly accessed.

Establishing a trustworthy, distributed information system is a universal need in the whole society, and it is an anybody’s guess how longe such change it will take place, though, the power sectors are tentatively exploring it.

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