Mini FC for the 50th anniversary edition of "YOUNG JUMP", tempted?


Nintendo recently released a message for fans of the game: the upcoming 50th anniversary mini-FC! The pre-sale is on July 7

The news caused quite a stir, not only in Japan but also in China.

There are good and bad reviews. But one thing that doesn't change is the memory.

There are some certain things that cannot be measured by value, which we once did not think of, then we find that it is the most precious thing many years later. You may say that Nintendo is selling memories, as now people all play mobile games, but when you see those pictures, you can't help tears in your eyes, yes, it is your own youth!

Saint Gladiator

Looking at this familiar picture, it is a moment to think back. You were holding the game handle and laughing with friends while "fighting". It's not just “captain Tsubasa” and “Fist of the North Star”, but the mini FC has more than 20 games built into it, all from the classic manga series of the “Junior jump”. In addition to the above two, there are also "Saint Seiya", "Dragon ball", "Muscle man" and so on.

These games for 70’ or 80’, even 90’, are precious items that worth collecting. It's not just the games. Everyone has own first collection. The biggest worry for collectors is the damage to their cherished treasures. Maybe it's because of the house moving, maybe it's because of long-term decay, or it can be eaten by rats, and when you see the damage to the collection, it's really hurts. Want to repair, but it needs a lot of money; want to complain, but there is no like-minded fellow; Want to buy again, but you cannot find the stores...Some of the text and pictures are from the animation home.

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