The long-awaited solution for your children’s torn storybooks is here


The storybook is a good companion for children when they are little, but often there are parents complaining that when babies see the book, they bite, and the picture book is rubbed in a mess. There is no way to enjoy the storybook time.

In fact, these are very normal behaviors. In terms of the development stage, children will have a period of “tear-off sensitive period” before one and a half years old. During this period, the child will touch the world with his hands, will experience tearing sounds, and feel fun.

Tear-off paper allows children to constantly experience the feeling of confrontation between their hands, and through this action, they continuously strengthen their ability to control their fingers, rapidly developing children's finger flexibility and strength.

Actually, the tear-off book is proof that the child is interested in the storybook. On the contrary, it is a good sign. As long as the parents do properly guide, the child will cherish it.

When children are still in “tear-off sensitive period, parents can give them some wasted papers. By the age of two, if the child still tears the book, parents should ask their child to repair the book with them. It will gradually change their opinion about their “mischief” and eventually do it.

Children story books carry the memory from childhood. Join the InsChain Children Story Book Mutual Aid program, together, we will build the best protection for our children’s precious books.

This mutual aid is designed specifically for parents who love books and has been recognized by the well-known Illustrated book mall. InsChain hopes this project can contribute to children happiness.

Pre-stored a small amount of funds to become a member, if any member's children accidentally tear up their books, the program will deduct the equal share from each member's account and donate to the unfortunate one.

Applicable age: 1-5 years old children can participate in this program

Mutual aid range: Children's books more than 40 Chinese Yuan

Maximum compensation: 150 GETX

We look forward to your joining!

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