InsChain Mutual Aid project for Toxoplasma during Pregnancy


“ Keep it or have an abortion?” Bubbles, the Creative Director of InsChain, her friend was infected with Toxoplasma during the pregnancy. She is an artist, she loves cat and she is pregnant for a month. She is afraid that her immunity is not strong enough to keep her child from getting retinitis.

This inspired Eric Liu, the actuary from InsChain, to design This Project for after-diagnosed Toxoplasmosis during Pregnancy and open it to the children who have been infected with Toxoplasma. From fetus to infant, covered to three years. Children who have been diagnosed or with suspected infection can join. All members’ donations will be transferred to the wallet of unfortunate through the Smart Contract, if the illness occurs. —— Accepting the infected member, this is indeed an innovation in traditional insurance business.

InsChain is the pacemaker of blockchain mutual aid, Four mutual aid products have been launched since 2015.

Recently, Bubbles and Eric redesigned the official website to change the stereotype of technology and coldness of technology companies. Using photo stitching and crimson red, visually reflects the sense of fragmentation, community and kind of sweet.

“fragmentation” and “Sweet” —— Eric Liu and Bubbles respectively spoke about these two words. InsChian‘s Pet mutual aid program revolves around pets and the owner. From the content of the image design, they are the extension of their business thinking, spirit of mutual aid and artistic sense.

At present, Mutual Aid Project after-diagnosed Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy has officially launched. Together, they realized an art customization of a blockchain mutual aid product.

Bubbles is a famous children's drawing artist from Nanjing University of Arts and a mother has been famous for more than ten years and has published over a dozen children story books. Bubbles's artistic sense is very playful, smart, and good in taste, also friendly at the same time. She often draws from her life and tells the story of her friends with brushes and words. This time, she wants to create something that can really contribute to others’ life. “What is the point if we set up a threshold to our program, for example, do not accept anyone who has been infected? To help those people who really need help is our principle. If we have decided to break up with traditional insurance module, then we must do the thing they cannot do.”

Eric came to Hong Kong from Australia in April this year. Blockchain + Mutual Aid, this idea give him a glimpse of future insurance development, while domestic insurance industry is far from mature, encouraging him to come back and play the time. “I saw in Australia that they have more than $60 billion in pet shearing. There has been no one in China to do something like this.” he recalls. He thought that the integrated insurance premiums in the health field are relatively expensive. At this stage, the detailed mutual aid scheme is what people really need.

“Acceptance of insurance products has a staging process, and people will only buy pet insurance when they have enough idle money.

Therefore, the fragmented customization is the first priority in Chinese market and mutual aid program is so far the best option.” he said.

By simply change a slogan on the website to make members know that they can re-imagine the insurance — ” We can offer any special needs that they can think of are impossible in traditional insurance industry with affordable price.”

“We do not have the sophisticated review procedure like the traditional counterparts, The spirit of contract is all we rely on.”

He believes that the customized program will serve people’s needs well, for example, “ those who are not infected with toxoplasma will not purchase the after-diagnosed package because it isn’t supposed for them and it costs much higher.”

The young actuary said, 'I did a 'underwriting' on price design.' At that time, the onset of the disease can be verified by the data records of Toxoplasm diganosed cases.

After earnestly understanding the designers, we saw that InsChain not only attracted the attention of the adorable pets or Japanese Manga endorsement, but also driven by the orginal will , the business mind, and the exquisite design.

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