Be careful/the college students are bitten by the dogs


In college campuses,

the cat is basking in the sun lazily,

it's a landscape.

Dogs and cats, however, are not necessarily good. If you don't want to adopt it, you're not responsible for feeding the stray animals, and there will be a lot of safety hazards.

On May 2ed, weibo netizen named "jiangnan pig director" released a video, and a girl in video was chased by a group of stray dogs.

It is reported that this is on the evening of May 1st in xiangtan university campus scene. The staff at xiangtan university's security office said there was a case, when the girls were sent to the CDC for treatment, and they have received comprehensive treatment. Other students said they had similar adventures.

Then xiangtan university responded to the incident, saying that on May 1st and 2nd, two female students were chased by stray dogs on campus. It also said it would patrol the streets 24 hours a day to drive and capture stray cats and dogs to ensure that similar incidents did not occur.

Some foreign countries have made clear rules to ban people from feeding stray cats and dogs. And there have been cases in the country where stray dog bites are responsible for long-term feeding.

At 8 PM on May 2nd, the "pet mutual assistance program" was officially launched. The product was designed for pet lovers and added to the "third party liability" for the bite.

I hope you can protect your pet and add more protection.

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