ACG with Blockchain mutual aid


ACG with Blockchain mutual aid? Seriously?ACG with Blockchain mutual aid? Seriously?

Yume believe that your reaction was the same as mine when you first heard this combo xD

Considering that Yume has been participating in ACG industry for a few years, you may say Yume is very familiar with this industry... But! What exactly is the Blockchain?!

Out of the curiosity, Yume did some research on Google about the blockchain, although Yume didn’t understand it at all.

But it was definitely not Yume’s problem, I mean, take a good look at blockchain page on Wikipedia:

To be honest, Yume was speechless.


But there is always a way. Yume has a friend who is the profession in this field, let us hear what he say:

“Hey, Aric, I have a question!”

“First of all, my name is Eric.”

“ Okay, Eric, look, here is a question only the Smart people can answer it!”


“Well, I mean I am smart but this exceeds my expertise.”


“ Well, I mean the blockchain, THE BLOCKCHAIN MUTUAL ASSISTANCE.”

*Two minutes later, Eric the teddy bear turned up in front of Yume.*

"What exactly is the Blockchain? Please enlighten me in the plainest way."

"Well, It Just likes a community, the district board made a public board. Everybody’s information was put on the public board. At this time, the district admin would register the information with each household, so There is no way for the householder to change them."

"Oh, I see, so there is no privacy at the same time right? "

"It’s not like that. People can see the information but they cannot match it with real people because it is anonymous."

“Alright, so what is the mutual assistance? Like “one for all, all for one”?”

“Yeah, you are absolutely right. ”

“What if I am unwilling to help others? ”

“Then why you joined at the very first place? ”

“Fine, tell me, What does it mean? the blockchain integrates with mutual assistance? ”

“That means we will store everybody's information on the blockchain, so the information cannot be tampered and the Smart contract will be automatically activated. ”

“Oh, interesting. So how does the blockchain mutual assistance combines with ACG industry? ”

“Good question. Well, it is true that ACG is not real and it must adhere to our world, right? As long as you are living in the real world, you will always need some help from time to time.”

“For example? ”

“For example, it is annoying if your game server goes down without reasons right? It is pretty suffocated that you never draw the trump card in a race? And it is more devastating to see your artworks being misused without asking your permission right? If at this point, we form a small group and we help each other when it is in need, isn’t it nice?”

“Oh, okay, I see”


Even though Yume clearly didn’t understand it, there are still some clues to Eric’s explanation, Big thumb up for Eric!

In conclusion, there is a natural extension of blockchain into ACG industry. And there will be follow-up articles in this regard, Don’t worry guys, after all, Yume did not understand it yet too.

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