May 10th, maid day! Come and look at these amazing maids, which one is your favorite?


Yesterday was May 10th, the annual ‘Maid Day’ in the ACG world!

The maids in the ACG world are different from our real world. They are perfect at the housework, and powerful, energetic and cute. With these features, the maids quickly captured a large number of fans, and even the popularity of these maids is higher than their masters’.

Now, let's take a look at the top ten maids in the ACG world and see if your favorite maid is in this chart!

Ram & Rem from Life in A Different World from Zero

Being selfish, to put Ram & Rem in the first place. When Yume was binge watching, Yume's heart trembled instantly when the two girls appeared. The character and costume perfectly matched Yume’s type. Moreover, Yume’s compulsive disorder was healed in some way by the two maids.

Tohru from Kobayashi

In fact, Tohru is an arrogant dragon. Haha ~ in order to return the favor, Tohru comes to Kobayashi’s home as an honesty maid. Ah, Yume wishes to have a dragon maid someday. ~ By the way, there is another sweet girl, who will appear in Yume’s article sooner, you may have guessed. Hee hee ~ ~

Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

I don't need to say this much, classic!As a result, Misaki has become a goddess in the hearts of a large number of otakus who have not been out of the house for a long time.

Maria from Hayate the Combat Butler

Mature and cunning, stays at 19 years old. Maria is not only a maid for little Nagi, but also like a mother.

Tama from Gin Tama

Although Tama is a robot, but she has a human nature. She is crazy about all kinds of bolts and she can turn weird things into delicious sushi, and of course she can talk to Modern machines……

Asahina Mikuru comes from Suzumiya Haruhi.

Chestnut hair, lovely baby face, big boob, especially a star mole on the left chest, these are the symbol of Asahina Mikuru. But frankly, Asahina Mikuru cannot be counted as a maid, she is a member of the SOS club, her role is a maid and mascot of the SOS club. Anyway, she is adorable, isn’t she?

Nogisaka Motoka from Yosuga No Sora

Careless, slow, absent-minded, in fact, Nogisaka Motoka is not very suitable for the job of maid, and she feels shy in maid outfits. She always pretends to be an adult or big elder sister, but often her immature behavior betrays her.

“ Well, I mean the blockchain, THE BLOCKCHAIN MUTUAL ASSISTANCE.”

Roberta from Black Lagoon

Robbert is the one Yume have ever seen most unlike a maid. This gothic dress, composed, calm, polite, sends out a ruthless temperament as she used to be a soldier. Many otakus around world soon are obsessed and become a big fan of Roberta!

Yuzuki from Chobits

Technically Yuzuki is a humaoid robot made by Kokubunji Minoru. Both appearance and character are formulated in accordance with Minoru’s dead sister, she is just like a very gentle and beautiful "big sister" to Minoru. In the end Minoru is realized that “sister is gone, and she cannot be replaced “, then he gives up the original plan.

Yume wants to say that every time I look at Yuzuki, my heart melts.

Izayoi Sakuya from TouHou Project

Dangdang dang dang ~~~ the last one is here! When we talk about maids, Izayoi Sakuya is the one that cannot be avoided. Super nice, super nice, super nice service, super smart in maid outfits. Perfect and smart! The universal maid!

(The above ranking is in a random order)

All right, it's time to take a break. There are many other lovely maids that have not mentioned this time, as every ACG fan has a very own cartoon maid.

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