“ You can never have your cake and eat it?” you are out of date!


Do you know that the “Tom and Jerry” can really happens in the real life?

Parasitologist Webster found that mice infected with the parasite Toxoplasma will no longer be afraid of cats and will be oddly attracted to them. This phenomenon is called the fatal temptation of felid.

More weird thing is, the research shows that the phenomenon even exists in human —— infected men will like the smell of cat urine, at least not strongly against it as the healthy male counterpart.

The official name of Toxoplasma is Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite lives in cells and is distributed almost globally. Birds, dogs and even human are its hosts.

And cats are the only terminal host for Toxoplasma. They need return back to cats, once they infected other animals or human, because they can only reproduce on the cat. Biologist Flegel believes this is the reason that parasites needs to control the behavior of their hosts.

What calls for special attention is, pregnant women should avoid the litter box. The research shows that about 40% fetus will be seriously damaged, there will be miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal diseases, or there may be eye, brain or liver lesions or deformities after birth, such as retinal choroid. Inflammation, cataracts, etc., if there is a congenial Toxoplasma infection during the first three months pregnancy.

The majority of normal people infected with Toxoplasma will are asymptomatic, or have very mild symptoms. The early symptoms are similar to flu, however, the parasite will “lurk” in brain cells once the patient resists the attack.

Such 'delay' is more like a time bomb. They will subtly adjust the connection between human neurons, thus changing our reaction to fear, our trust in others, our characters and even the Preferences for smell. What's more, Toxoplasma infection is thought to contribute to car accidents, suicide and some mental illnesses.

Does it sounds pretty scary? Do you love cats?Often taking care of them, prefer to eat raw meat and the mood has fluctuated a lot lately making you wonder if you have been infected?

Today at 10 p.m, the InsChain Toxoplasma Protection Mutual Aid for Pregnancy will officially launch.

The scheme will be divided in “negative”and “positive”two specific mutual aid plans. The market will firstly receive women infected with Toxoplasma during the pregnancy to join the mutual aid, if the fetus is dead due to infection, congenital encephalopathy or suffering from retinochoroiditis within 2 years, other memers will support the unfortunate one.

“All for one, one for all”

Taking Project for after-diagnosed Toxoplasmosis during the pregnancy as an example:

Joining in the project, and store a small amount of tokens to become a member. Once there are members, matching the condition of following rules, who have been affected by the toxoplasmosis infection during pregnancy, each member of this group will share the expense equally and send the tokens to the unfortunate members.

Age requirement:22-50;

Claim range: Affected by Toxoplasma when joining the program. We will have a mutual aid of the fetus about the disease, including Abdominal death, brain malformation, pediatric retinitis;

The maximum amount of mutual assistance fund: 45,000 GETx;

We are looking forward to your joining!

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