InsChain’s Killer app is making! Along with Huobi Central Crypto Summit and Trading Executive Program.


The first Huobi-central Crypto Summit and Trading Executive Program was successfully held at the Four seasons Hotel in Hong Kong on 19th May.

Huobi Super Partner and initiator William Bu, Li Bei, and Vice President of global commerce of Huobi, Vice President of Huobi Lan Jianzhong and Cheif economist Yan Si, attend this conference. 

According to reports, The Huobi Business School (Hong Kong)will carry out a throughout research in the core areas of quantitative trading technology, blockchain ecological investment strategy, and embrace digital currency trend!

InsChain founder and the promoter of this conference, William, gave a speech on the topic of "Blockchain's killer application in Insurance Industry". 

"InsChain is a reliable platform that can digitalize insurance products and modularize the insurance process. InsChain has been trying to increase the liquidity of policies. We have found Viatical Settlements applies on blockchain can solve ecological pain points in this industry. Therefore, since the CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission)relaxed its relevant policies in January 2018, our team has begun to develop this 'killer app' in the blockchain. But not only that, InsChain also encourages its members to actively participate in product design and build a caring mutual community together."

As one of the three pillars of finance, Insurance provides long-term and stable investment funds for the stability and development of the entire economy and society. However, there are many disadvantages that still exist in traditional insurance industry such as high premiums, long claim time, and even no compensation. Take advantage of the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data will effectively solve those issues once and for all, which is also what InsChain products have been doing. 

"The most essential of the blockchain is automatic claims. It has a smart contract, which used to lock the stored tokens of every member in InsChain platform and let them help each other. For InsChain, we can use the blockchain as a credit guarantee method. Now we have more than 50,000 registered members, and the number is still growing."

InsChain has launched four products in the Q1 2018, becoming one of the few in the industry that truly promotes its products : On April 16th, Million mutual aid project was made available; on May 2, Dog's owners' third-party liability mutual project On the line; on May 10, the Project for Toxoplasma during Pregnancy was released; on May 16th, the Children Story Book Mutual Aid Project was launched.

"We have spent a great deal of time developing these programs, but since its inception, we have focused on the application of insurance and mutual communities. We want to build a platform for all types of employees and insured people in the insurance industry. This idea has always been there."

At the end of his speech, William said that he has always wanted to bring more warm and attentive service to everyone through InsChain.

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