InsChain help to inflame the first “Huobi-Central Crypto Wealth Summit”


The Nasdaq Crypto Exchange came and the 2018 Bitcoin consensus conference was held in New York. Will the future of the blockchain be far behind?

The “Huobi-Central Crypto Wealth Summit and Crypto Trading Executive program” co-hosted by Huobi Pro and Central Digital Wealth will be held on May 19, 2018, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

It is worth mentioning that InsChain as the main sponsor of the conference this time, will support to establish the Huobi Crypto Academy.

On the day of event, InsChain initiator William Bu will complete the unveiling ceremony with Li Bei, the Vice president of Huobi and Co-founder of Central Crypto, to celebrate the smooth establishment of this digital wealth institution.

The blockchain market has broad prospects, and emerging digital currencies are growing exponentially. It seems to be a better option for digital currency market, which usually operates 24/7, the rebound heavily, and the information exchange between platforms lag behind, to have a programmatic trading system. It is reported that this conference will use traditional financial perspectives and quantitative professional thinking to interpret the latest Crypto market opportunities for investors and high-net-worth individuals. At that time, many experts, including EOS Supernode principal, will explain the combination and innovation of the blockchain technology and traditional financial industry for the participants.

As one of the hosts, the world's leading Crypto exchange 'Huobi', will send the vice president Lan Jianzhong, Huo Li, vice president of commerce and other executives to the scene to explain the mystery of Crypto quantitative investment,Huobi quantification Trade and investment strategies, digital wealth management and service system development and other related topics.

With the viral growth of Crypto market, a series of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have developed rapidly in the last year. But all this has only just begun. The market value of tokens in the entire blockchain market is less than 800 billion US dollars, accounting for less than 1% of the value of the global stock market. The outlook is exceptionally optimistic.

High market liquidity, no transaction times limit and low handing charge, these features make the Crypto become the best choice for quantitative strategies. Plus with the psychological convergence of investors, it will also cause the same trading opportunities to rise in the market. In this context, traditional securities agencies have deployed digital currency markets one after another. Quantitative trading has become the key for old-school security companies in the Crypto era.

Huobi, as one of the trendsetters in global digital wealth service, will soon launch the digital asset quantitative trading platform — WeQuant.

In China, more and more fintech experts keenly perceive this big chance. According to statistics, more than 200 people have signed up for the trading executive program.

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