Sichuan airlines 20 minutes make preparation for dropping life and beath, insChain 1 million aviation assistance


"The first time I flew, I didn't think it would happen." Mr. Ma, aged 53, a passenger from the inland river, was preparing to work in Lhasa.

On the morning of May 14th, Sichuan airlines flight 3U8633 from chongqing to Lhasa was on the flight, and the front windshield of the cockpit was broken off.

At that time, the cockpit lost pressure suddenly, the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees centigrade, a large number of airborne automatic equipment failed, and the co-pilot half of the body was "sucked" out.

At high altitude, high speed two major premise, the pilot on the flight experience manual manipulation, managed to make the aircraft landing chengdu shuangliu airport, all the passengers landed safely, indeed worthy of the word "hero".

Inevitably, the incident left a mark on the passengers' minds, with the weibo "travel circle" announcing what it said was a passenger's written flight.

"I had a blank space in my mind when the accident happened," the passenger said. "it was a rush of fear, and I knew I was going through a flight accident and I couldn't do anything about it. When I couldn't do anything about survival, I was filled with depression, fear, panic, and a fleeting glimpse of what was going on in my head.

"It's good to be alive," is the voice of other passengers.

"I feel like I've got a life in the jaws of death. "Inside the hospital, a few passengers who had just come out of the hyperbaric oxygen cabin sighed.

Unlike ground transportation, aviation is a way to travel without any trial or error. Looking back at the entire history of aviation, every rule written, every detail of perfection, the price is so painful.

In line with the purpose of "I am for everyone and everyone for me", insChain is launched to apply the "accidental injury mutual assistance program", which can pay up to one million token for aviation accidents.

There were no major casualties, but enough to make people sweat. Every passenger on the plane was cared for by relatives and friends. Once the accident happens, it will be devastating to the family. For the sake of more security, it is also a responsibility to the family.

Join the plan to help others, while helping others, we will also receive assistance from other members, and each one will share no more than 10 tokens in each mutual aid event. Look forward to your joining!

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