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Hello Everyone! I hope everyone will notice this announcement.

We have received many good comments When we previously conducted our first Pet Mutual Aid project on our Wechat official account.

For example, some pregnant women may suffering from Toxoplasma gondii during the pregnancy caused the child retina unclear etc., and also we carefully investigated this friend's situation, considering that we need to pay more attention to Toxoplasma gondii in order to protect our children.

Now, we are pleased to announce that the two Toxoplasmic Mutual Aid Schemes have been officially added to the 'Pet Mutual Aid Plan' series. Toxoplasma is always the most concerned part of pet owners, especially pregnant women. This product focuses on issues that mothers are concerned about, designs a comprehensive system that protects the needs of each stage from fetus to newborn to child. InsChain creatively classified as negative and positive, and set reasonable terms for each group. InsChain belives that positive Toxoplasma think that pregnant mother also need to fight the disease together.

Every pet lovers can get in this project at a very affordable price. If the participants, unfortunately, who have an accident, they can get up to 45,000 GETX as compensation, and we will donate up to 30 GETX to help other when accidents happen.

This product is of great reference to our other coming Pet Mutual Aid projects. Here, we send our invitation to welcome everyone to participate in the discussion.

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