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Knowing and understanding insChain Mutual Aid project
One for all, inschain for everyone. InsChain, which is a warm community based on love, unties every member and conveys trust in the name of mutual aid.
Mutual Aid rules
One personal misfortune will be undertook by a whole group
Joining accident mutual assistance project and saving a small number of funds to become members. When there is a member suffer accidental death, the project will fund donation through deducting an certain amount evenly from each member account. The funding amount will donate to the misfortune member’s family.
General questions
1.Is there any other fees after joining?
When member suffers an accidental death, all participated members need to contribute the mutual assistance fund evenly. The mutual assistance fund will be deducted from the account, and it is important to ensure there is sufficient balance. If the balance is less than 5 GETX, the member will force to exit the project.
2.What is the waiting period?
To ensure the benefits of the majority member,the accidential mutual project had an 30 days waiting period. During this period, participants will not able to receive any mutual assistance fund.
3.If a family member had been suffered misfortune, what is the procedures of application?
If your family member had been suffered accidental death, you could claim the mutual assistance through follow procedures:
(1)Send email;
(2)After review by platform, a third parties agencies will be assigned to investigate the case independently.
(3)Once the case had been confirming, the member information will publicity announce to all other members
(4)[If there is no argument arise by all members, insChain will transfer the donation to nominate account
4.If there is insufficient balance to deduct mutual assistance fund, what will happen?
If the member had insufficient balance to deduct the evenly sharing mutual assistance fund, all remaining balance would be transferred and the member will force to exit the project. If the member wants to rejoin the projects, they will need to recalculate the waiting period. To ensure your benefits, please made sure there is sufficient balance.
hint: the mutual aid plan is not insurance. Joining the mutual assistance project is a one-way donation behavior, and should not be expected to receive definite risk protection.
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