Health notice of accidental injury
1.When you join this program, your occupation or profession shall not fall within the following occupational categories for which mutual aid is not available:
(1) Operational personnel working at sea, on board, at heights, in forests, in mountainous areas, in highlands, underground, underwater, in tunnels or underpasses, and in the pit;

(2) Operational personnel of the onshore mining industry;

(3) Drivers and appliance crew of truck or liquefied or gasified oil tankers with carrying capacity of more than 4 tons;

(4) Personnel involved in or exposed to any dangerous substance (including chemicals, explosives, toxics, etc.);

(5) Personnel dealing with high voltage or hot-line work;

(6) Military and police personnel on active service including ground forces, marine corps, navy soldiers, air force pilots, frontier soldiers, special forces, riot police, criminal police, armed police, and firemen; ^M

(7) Players or trainers of hockey, rugby, wrestling, judo, karate, taekwondo, martial arts, boxing, and kart racing;

(8) Players and trainers of diving, jet skiing, ice skating, horse riding, stunt performance, bobsleighing, gliding, car and motorcycle racing, parachuting, and fencing;

(9) Drivers or operators of tractors, motor tricycles, cranes, helicopters, bridge cranes, and motorcycles in working hours;

(10) Workers of machinery factories, steel factories, shipbuilding and ship repairing services, and workers handling dredgers, boilers, asbestos tiles, and digging;

(11) Machinery operators of the manufacturing industry;

(12) Animal trainers;

(13) Animal attendants;

(14) Flight trainers;

(15) Drivers or mechanical operators of construction vehicles;

(16) Highway engineering personnel;

(17) War correspondents;

(18) Actors of martial arts, stunts, and acrobatics; 

(19) Filmstrip deliverers;

(20) Lifeguards at seaside resorts;

(21) Barmaids, dancing girls, and non-professional massagists;

(22) Chimney sweeps or highway cleaners;

(23) Professional bodyguards;

(24) Research or management personnel of military weapon and ammunition;

(25) Individual operators or vendors with no fixed pitch;

(26) Personnel at construction sites (including but not limited to construction workers, site management staff, and temporary workers).

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